VG Machines acquires Alexy Presses: innovation and quality brought together

VG Machines, known for its high-quality deburring machines, enthusiastically announces that it is taking over the production of the Alexy BAR-MAN presses, notably under the leadership of Stan Dendauw.

Alexy, founded by Mr Alexander Masselis and Ms Anny Deblauwe, is known for its high-quality BAR-MAN hydraulic workshop presses, which represent a strong brand with more than 50 years of experience in developing high-quality products. Under the leadership of Kurt Masselis & Stefanie Bekaert, Alexy’s workshop presses have built a solid reputation, and VG Machines is committed to continuing this legacy.

Stan Dendauw next to an Alexy hydraulic press.

With this acquisition, VG Machines takes over production and sales of the BAR-MAN presses. VG Machines, with a strong reputation for developing, building and selling deburring machines, will now assume day-to-day management and responsibility for Alexy Presses. Stan Dendauw, a key figure within VG Machines, will play a central role in this.

Stan Dendauw shares his enthusiasm about the acquisition: “With more than 50 years of experience in developing quality products, Alexy is a strong brand that we will continue with great dedication.”

VG Machines’ mission is to maintain Alexy’s core values, including fast delivery times, a high-quality finished product, excellent value for money and personal contact. Customers can continue to count on the same reliable service they are used to, while VG Machines continues the legacy of Alexy Presses with a fresh commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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