Hydraulic presses

Experience a workshop hydraulic press that truly stands out – introducing the BAR-MAN, meticulously crafted just for you. This powerhouse boasts numerous advantages and embodies the excellence of Belgian engineering.

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Ease of use as a priority

Easily fine-tune the table and control pressure with a user-friendly valve – all achievable with just one person.

Essential in every workshop


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Versatile use

The BAR-MAN proves its versatility in various applications, from maintenance tasks to keyway cutting, pressing bearings, and beyond. This powerful machine ensures flexibility without sacrificing comfort during operations.

Stang - Hydraulische pers
Alexy persen
Specifications BAR-MAN 20 BAR-MAN 25
Max pressure
20 TONS at 230 BARS
25 TONS at 230 BARS
Stroke of piston rod
480 mm
480 mm
Max distance between table and piston rod
1180 mm
1180 mm
Table adjustability
by 225 mm
by 225 mm
Distance between sides
800 x 170 mm
780x 200 mm
Pressing speed
18 mm/sec
13 mm/sec
40 mm/sec
24 mm/sec
Oil tank capacity
20 litres
20 litres
External dimensions: l x w x h
1010 x 750 x 2300 mm
1040 x 780 x 2300 mm

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